Converge and Napalm Death Team Up for Split 7-Inch

Converge and Napalm Death Team Up for Split 7-Inch
Earlier this year, Converge started up recording sessions for a full-length that's scheduled to drop later this year, but first up for the metal-hardcore vets is a split seven-inch with grind gods Napalm Death.

News of the shared mini-platter comes via Converge frontman Jacob Bannon's Deathwish Inc. imprint, though the band will actually self-release the single. A release date has yet to be determined.

The record, which follows last year's split with Drop Dead, will offer one new Converge composition called "No Light Escapes," a song the band have already tested out on the road. Also appearing on their side of the record is a "We Are the World"-styled version of Entombed's 1993 death'n'roll classic "Wolverine Blues." Bannon shares mic duties with Tomas Lindberg (Disfear, At the Gates, Lock Up), Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Split Cranium), Kevin Baker (APMD, The Hope Conspiracy), Brian Izzi (Trap Them), and more. You can check out the burly original down below.

Napalm Death just issued their Utilitarian disc this past winter, but the band are already back with a couple more crushers for this split. "Will by Mouth" apparently grinds by on a base of blast beats, guitar fuzz and vocalist Barney Greenway's guttural cries. "No Impediment to Triumph (Bhopal)," meanwhile, is apparently a slower number discussing the gas leak catastrophe at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India's Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in 1984 that left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands suffering from after-effects.

While it's unclear when the seven-inch will arrive, it will eventually be available through the Deathwish website. For now, you can see the split's artwork above.