Coalesce There's Nothing New Under the Sun + / Salt and Passage

The Led Zeppelin covers that comprise the majority of There’s Nothing New Under the Sun + are a fitting tribute, considering Zeppelin-isms are an imperative aspect of what makes Coalesce so noteworthy, having moulded that delightfully groovetastic edge that set them apart from their peers. While not entirely a waste of time, this release was initially a neat idea but didn’t translate as well as one would hope. However, the re-release does collect a number of other hard to find tracks, again mainly covers. Coalesce are best at writing their own material and this is showcased on the hardcore nerd’s dream come true. For anyone that actually still listens to vinyl, the Salt and Passage seven-inch contains two new songs, the band’s first since 1999, both of which keep it real, Coalesce style. "Son of Son of Man” alludes to their signature heaviness with an upped dosage of Southern sludge twang. "I Am This” starts off with an almost dance-worthy intro and moves into a meaty meandering riff that is later met with an interest piquing discordant bridge, consistently and skilfully reinvigorating the tune at every turn. Both songs are more memorable than most and show that these mid-westerners have indeed ripened with age. The Zeppelin covers, however, can be left to the über fans. (Hydra Head)