Coalesce Announce 'Give Them Rope' Reissue

Coalesce Announce 'Give Them Rope' Reissue
Nineties noisecore kings Coalesce may currently be on another hiatus, but that's not stopping the Kansas City outfit from sprucing up their catalogue. While they haven't released any new material since the one-two punch of 2009's Ox and its similarly-titled companion piece, the Ox EP, the band are currently gearing up for a fancy vinyl reissue of their destructive first full-length, Give Them Rope.

On November 22, No Sleep Records will deliver a double LP featuring the original version of the album on one platter and 2002's remixed Give Them Rope She Said v.2.0 on the other. Relapse, meanwhile, will handle the package as a two-CD set, which will be released on the same day.

While previous versions were pressed by Edison Recordings and Relapse, No Sleep is stoked to deliver the goods this time around.

"Give Them Rope from Coalesce has been a personal favourite of mine since I first heard it," label head Chris Hansen said in a statement. "The record still holds as strong to me as the first time someone showed me it in their car stereo. To be able to release what I believe is a true classic on vinyl is an honour."

The partnership pleases the band as well, with singer Sean Ingram feeling gratified that people still care about the crunchy, stilted metalcore classic after all these years.

"This record has proved to be a very difficult challenge over the years, and some of us felt it was never quite done. The art wasn't correct, that bass line Stacy [Hilt] biffed needed fixing, the mastering was muddy. Whatever anyone has to say about Give Them Rope, the band has their own opinions too. It's true that you never forget your first."