Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori Goes Solo as New Optimism

Hear "Jet Setters" from the project's debut EP 'Amazon to LeFrak'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jun 27, 2018

While Japanese pop eccentrics Cibo Matto may have called it quits last year, the duo's Miho Hatori is returning with a new solo project. It's called New Optimism, and her debut release under the moniker will arrive this summer.

Via the Phantom Limb label, New Optimism will release the EP Amazon to LeFrak on July 27.

Besides Hatori's work in Cibo Matto, she has collaborated with everyone from Gorillaz to Beastie Boys to Beck and John Zorn over the years. So it's no surprise she roped in a variety of collaborators to contribute to her New Optimism project. This includes ex-Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij, who gets some production credits on the EP, which was written and produced in New York.

For a taste of the new EP, right now you can stream the newly released track "Jet Setters" below.

Here's how the label describes Hatori's new project:

New Optimism is Miho's newest project, a vivid, unpredictable and technicolour sonic palette that shapeshifts mercurially around grooving basslines, subtle electronica, leftfield sound explorations and playful experimental pop.

It also explains this of the project name of New Optimism:

Miho writes that the name for her project acts as a response to the post-postmodernist term "New Sincerity," pertaining to contemporary anti-cynical and anti-ironical earnest creative expressions. "New Optimism," as a title, means the opposite of this, says Miho.

Check out the EP art above and the tracklist below, where you will also find "Jet Setters."

Amazon to LeFrak

1. Intro
2. Dr.My-Ho
3. Jet Setters
4. King Of Monsters
5. Invisible Tan
6. Howling


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