Chris Clark Empty the Bones of You

A melancholic techno similar to the music by Ulrich Schnaus, Manual, and the Morr label artists, but using a much noisier approach. Thumping bass rhythms, airy meandering loops, murky synth tones, shimmering sine waves, all progressing in an almost sloppy manner but to great effect. Everything is touched with some sort of distortion or noise alteration, leaving the sounds dirty and unclean. Some of it is danceable, in a mid-paced, groove speed, whereas some is quite experimental. One track is actually a toy piano melody with a background of truck traffic and nothing else. Most tracks contain beats and multiple waves of sounds though. The songs have nice time breaks within and for the most part are short in length, keeping one’s attention well sustained. Amid the broken electronic happenings are tainted cinematic, orchestral loops echoing off at a distance. The music is noisy and mellow all at once, very imaginative use of sound material, a sweet, discombobulated stew of pretty electronics. (Warp)