Chris Clark Clarence Park

Chris Clark is Warp Records' newest shining young prodigy, who decided to produce electronic music to spite more conservative-minded music teachers who believe musical talent ought to be cultivated through more traditional routes. Perhaps not the best reason to create electronic music, the results nevertheless are some excellent raw tracks that showcase a talent influenced by Aphex Twin, Autechre and µ-ziq. The rather short Clarence Park, clocking in at just under 40 minutes, opens with pleasant lullaby piano notes that give way to manic and playful IDM music reminiscent of the speedy complexity of Aphex Twin's "girl/boy," though not as refined. Occasionally the manic state will lapse into contemplative ambient sweeps that function as a brief respite before the next adrenaline rush of sound. Clarence Park is a display of good technical skill used to convey offbeat melodies. In the future though, Clark might want to make his pieces longer to elaborate on his ideas - otherwise this album adheres to Warp's usual high standards of artistry. (Warp)