Chilly Gonzales "Freudian Slippers"

Chilly Gonzales 'Freudian Slippers'
Canadian piano entertainer Chilly Gonzales has an album called Chambers due out on March 24 through Gentle Threat, and in the meantime, he's shared the cut "Freudian Slippers."

The five-and-a-half-minute track plays out in two parts, both of which feature Chilly's nimble ivory-tinkling fleshed out by rich strings. In a statement, he described the first part like this: "How does one attempt to convey the unknown workings of the brain? With surrealist techniques like the violin 'doppelgängers'? With stumbling, mumbling rhythms? With chorale-like interruptions that try to impose order? It's all in vain, hope slips away."

As for part two, he offered, "Rap on it, you'll see, it works." That being said, this definitely isn't your average hip-hop track, but feel free to take a crack at it by listening below.

Chambers will be out digitally, on CD or vinyl. Every two weeks between now and the release date, a new track will be released to pre-orderers. It's available to purchase at Chilly's website.