!!! Plot New Album with Spoon's Jim Eno

!!! Plot New Album with Spoon's Jim Eno
Everyone's favourite ungoogleable, difficult-to-pronounce dance punk band are headed back our way. !!!'s last album was 2010's Strange Weather, Isn't It?, and now the Brooklyn-based outfit are plotting the follow-up, which they hope will come out sooner rather than later.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times about their upcoming U.S. tour, singer Nic Offer explained that the group will be playing some material from their next album, which they will record this month. They're doing the bulk of the work in Austin, where they will team up with Spoon member/producer Jim Eno, who will helm the recordings.

"We were always fans of theirs," Offer said of Spoon. "They're not really dance music per se, but they've always had an original sound and the songs have always had a lot of space in them which is really important for dance music. And we feel we still have more to learn there. And we called him up and got a hold of him, hung out and decided to try out the recording with him."

Offer added that !!! are hoping to get the album out quicker than their previous efforts, which were spaced apart by three years each, so they're presumably hoping to release it this year.

"We wrote the whole thing in a year so our goal is to continue that pace," he said. "Musicians by nature are lazy sometimes and we've been spending the last year or so being really inspired by Prince and how hard he works."

Offer added that they've even recorded a couple of Prince covers -- "Extraloveable" and "Irresistible Bitch" -- but isn't sure when they will come out.