The Chain The #1 Legion (Upstairs), Calgary AB, June 26

The Chain The #1 Legion (Upstairs), Calgary AB, June 26
Photo: Ryan Kostel
There's a small circle of people booking shows, starting bands and releasing records in Calgary's tiny but passionate hardcore scene, and the members of the Chain are certainly a major part of that. Outspokenly straight edge, they're also somewhat of a novelty within that community. That said, the group have come a long way from their beginnings, and are ready to move on from the ghetto of being a local band.
Guitarist Nolan Hernandez and drummer Stuart Ghanam recently returned from a cross-Canada tour with their other band, the Spanish-language hardcore act Desgraciados, and it was clear that the unit was tighter because of it. Starting and stopping on a dime, their fast, explosive hardcore had the intensity of a high-calibre touring act.

Though they didn't inspire the brain-exploding mosh riot that Turnstile caused soon after, the Chain proved that they're a band to keep an eye on.
Without question, they're part of the force that's making the Calgary hardcore scene a tangible thing again, rather than just some idealistic pining for the glory days. As their anthem loudly proclaims, you can't break the fucking chain.