Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith Make "Experimental Techno" on 'Seed of Dorzon'

Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith Make 'Experimental Techno' on 'Seed of Dorzon'
Though they're best known for their work in the pop realm, Calgary's Chad VanGaalen and Halifax's Seth Smith (of Dog Day, among others) have always shown a willingness to dip their feet in stranger projects. Further cementing their like-minded approach to music-making, the pair have now teamed up to make weird dance music.

VanGaalen and Smith have joined forces to make a new album called Seed of Dorzon. The release is split into two parts, with "Part I" nearly 13 minutes in length and "Part II" surpassing the 17-minute mark. It was made via a long-distance Dropbox collaboration.

Fundog Records promises "futuristic motifs, beat mutilation and waves of dark atmosphere," adding that the songs were made up of "baby babbling, hallucinatory machines exploding through sonic space, and digitized minds transcending into frequency." All that said, the duo's respective pop backgrounds still shine through in the recordings.

Fundog will issue Seed of Dorzon on September 18 as a cassette, CD and digital release. While we don't have any full audio samples just yet, the pair did allow us to premiere a strange video trailer, available below.