Cass McCombs "Brighter!" (ft. Karen Black) (video)

Cass McCombs 'Brighter!' (ft. Karen Black) (video)
The on- and offscreen lives of the late Karen Black are being celebrated in the video for Cass McCombs's tuneful collaboration with the actress, "Brighter!"

Directed by Black's widow Stephen Eckelberry, the video screens selections from the actress's long and lengthy career atop McCombs as he plucks at a Stratocaster. Eckelberry also uses some home footage of Black, shot on an iPhone, singing the song. According to the director, the clip explores "the relationship of film and memory."

"My own memories of Karen are intertwined with memories of her in films — it gets messier for me since I directed several movies she was in — which memory is stronger; Karen during the making the film or what ended up on screen?" Eckelberry said in a statement. "An image came to me: Cass himself becoming a screen for the projection of images of Karen — as if his memories of her were playing themselves out over his body."

"Brighter!" is the second of four videos expected to arrive this month to support McCombs's Big Wheel and Others, which came out last year.

Cass McCombs - "Brighter!" featuring Karen Black from Hector Savage on Vimeo.