Built to Spill Shed Light on New Album Plans

Built to Spill Shed Light on New Album Plans
Aside from Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson's Electronic Anthology Project last year, which reworked classic cuts from their beloved Built to Spill, it's been just over two years since the Idaho indie rock troupe gave us a new album. The good news for fans: Martsch has already begun writing the follow-up to 2009's There Is No Enemy. The bad news? The album might not be delivered until sometime in 2013.

An interview with Rolling Stone revealed that Martsch hopes to have the as-yet-untitled LP out sometime next year, but could easily see its release delayed.

"It might even be 2013," he explained. "I haven't made a record in less than two or three years in a long time."

Following some time off, the band have got together again to work on new tunes, with some working titles including "Living Zoo," "So," "Never Be the Same" and "Open." Martsch pointed to it being too soon to predict what the new album will sound like, but he admitted that he may have curtailed his love for longer, guitar-solo-heavy, twisting rock epics.

"I'm trying to keep the songs short," he says, "and there's a couple of pretty poppy songs. But they're all in different stages right now, and it's hard to tell what real direction they'll take."

Built to Spill have no plans to take off on any headline tours any time soon, but they will appear at next year's South by Southwest fest in Austin, TX and maybe play a gig in Boise, ID.