A British Airline Is Releasing an Ambient Album of Plane Noise Called 'Jet Sounds'

Doze off to the 10-hour version below
A British Airline Is Releasing an Ambient Album of Plane Noise Called 'Jet Sounds'
Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports is usually the top aviation-related ambient album one would pick to fall asleep, but not if easyJet has anything to say about it.

The UK airline has announced a charity ambient album titled Jet Sounds, set for release on digital streaming services tomorrow (August 11). The album is made up entirely of airplane engine noise, more specifically a pair of CFM56 jet engines recorded at 39,000 ft. en-route from Gatwick, UK, to Nice, France.

All sales proceeds will be donated to the Children's Sleep Charity, to continue supporting children and families with sleep issues, in addition to train sleep professionals. A 10-hour version of the track has also been shared by the airline, which you can hear in the player below.

"The soft, repetitive, ambient drone of white noise can drown out sounds, gently settle the brain and aid the on-set of sleep," Dr. Sandra L Wheatley, who consulted easyJet on the album, said in a statement. "There is also strong evidence that it can dampen out disruptive noises that can disturb our slumber. The low throb of a powerful jet engine is ideal for this. easyJet have captured the perfect tones for the release."

EasyJet cabin crew head Tina Milton added, "Since the introduction of the NEO with its quieter cabin, we've created a more relaxed environment for our customers. We thought we would share this experience and help our customers get a good night's rest in their own home, whilst helping to raise money to support the Children's Sleep Charity. Who knows we might even become the first airline to hit the UK top 40 single and album charts."