Boots "Mercy" (video)

Boots 'Mercy' (video)
Bloodied and bruised, Beyoncé producer Boots (a.k.a. Jordy Asher) has revealed a new scenic new video for his "Mercy" single that will have you trying to piece together how he got so roughed-up.

As the gentle strum of guitar begins to play, the video presents a close-up of the artist, here marked with various scrapes and cuts and looking like he was on the losing end of a beatdown in a forest. Perhaps those darkened lyrics are a hint at his fate ("tuck my gun into your waist / suck your thumb, dry off your face"), or maybe the hazy, out-of-focus individual seen driving away from the scene. Either way, it seems like the solo artist wasn't shown much mercy on this particular day.

You can try to figure out exactly what happened, or why Boots is running like a man possessed by the end of the track, in the player down below.