Bocce Future 1.0

Waterloo's Bocce have been pumping out electronic rock music since 2006 and with their latest effort, Future 1.0, the band explore the promise of a brave new world. Future 1.0, which is equal parts imaginative and humorous, invokes a specific childlike view of the future we all have, or used to have, rather than the post-apocalyptic one permeating pop culture these days. Mentions of jetpacks, laser guns, flying cars and other Jetsons-inspired gadgets weave their way into the subject matter of Future 1.0. Dripping in heavy synthesizer (Must, Ong and Salomone all play one!), the record definitely sounds like the future too. Infused with energy, Future 1.0 blends psychedelia and electronic rock seamlessly. Each song is carefully crafted and pristine, just like the future envisioned throughout the album. Robotic and digital sounds are persistent, but it's those sounds of human life that make the album. Salomone's vocals and Must's piano are both reminders of the temporal, flawed and unpredictable world in which we live. (Dad Mobile)