Boards of Canada Treat 'Hi Scores' to Reissue

Boards of Canada Treat 'Hi Scores' to Reissue
Last year, in addition to releasing Tomorrow's Harvest, Scottish electronic masters Boards of Canada treated several of their releases to a massive reissue campaign. Now, they've announced plans to re-release their classic EP Hi Scores.

Before the breakthrough success of their Warp debut, Music Has the Right to Children, the duo issued Hi Scores in 1996 via Skam. To coincide with that label's 20th anniversary, the six-song EP is receiving a proper reissue.

It was already re-released in 1999, 2002 and 2005, but the latest iteration of Hi Scores is the most deluxe yet. The EP was remixed and remastered from its original DAT tapes, and will be pressed to heavyweight vinyl. There will also be a Digi-Pak CD.

In addition, the artwork is slightly different. "The image on the back is now in colour," the label said in a press release. "There will be a spot varnish finish on the images and text alongside differing layers of print, a fresh new 12-inch double backed poster and Skam's trademark braille stickers."

Skam will issue Hi Scores on October 13. Listen to the release's title track below.


1. Hi Scores
2. Turquoise Hexagon Sun
3. Nlogax
4. June 9th
5. Seeya Later
6. Everything You Do Is A Balloon