Billy Corgan Working on New Material with Jessica Simpson

Billy Corgan Working on New Material with Jessica Simpson
When we first told you about the rumours that Jessica Simpson was romantically linked to the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, we thought we were being funny. However, we can now tell you that not only are the pair an item, but they've began working on new songs together in the studio.

Digital Spy points to a tweet from Smashing Pumpkins producer Kerry Brown, who wrote, "You will never guess who I am producing a song for this week." Later, he revealed that it was both Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan.

The proof is in this photo, as well as the one above. On her Twitter, Simpson wrote: "I am blessed. Going over a song w [with] @billy," later saying that "it's fun to be lost in laughter."

As for their romantic connection, a source told People that the couple were dating but "taking it slow." Now, the same source has said, "They are still close and still really good friends. They are still involved in each other's lives. They are still hanging out... I don't know if it's romantic anymore."

Whether it's fuelled by some weird, self-obsessed celebrity love or not, the fact that these two are in the studio is not a good thing. It doesn't matter if they play alt-rock or shimmering radio pop, a stomach-churning vocal duet may one day be released. As you read this, the decade's worst single may already have been birthed.