Best Fern Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 27

Best Fern Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 27
Photo: Steve Louie
Best Fern entranced with some new songs at the Rialto Hall, as the crowd listened intently, seated on the wooden floor. The duo is a collaboration between Alexia Avina (whose solo work has a similar ethereal, meditative quality) and Nick Schofield (Saxsyndrum, Devon Welsh's touring band), sculpting lush soundscapes punctuated by low-frequency pulses.
They jokingly reach out to each other, a mess of cables between them. But the sounds from Nick's synth rig and Alexia's voice and guitar rose and intertwined in that space, spreading to blanket the side room in this old theatre in their soft haze.
As Nick blended and tweaked his electronic tones, Alexia's voice acted as another layer of that haze just as often as it provided melody, ambient passages building and receding underneath. Here's hoping that another record, to follow up their 2016 self-titled EP, is in the works.