Behemoth's New Album Is a "Middle Finger" to Cancel Culture

Frontman Nergal says he's been "seriously been wrestling with destructive tendencies in pop culture"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 12, 2022

Behemoth have detailed their 12th studio LP. The Polish extreme metal vets will deliver Opvs Contra Natvram on September 16 via Nuclear Blast.

Produced by Behemoth and mixed by "Evil" Joe Barresi, Opvs Contra Natvram follows 2018's I Loved You at Your Darkest, and is said to be a record of rebellion — undoubtedly influenced by the band's history of fighting against anti-religious charges levelled against them.

Specifically, frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski explains in a statement that the forthcoming 10-song set is a flip of the bird to pop culture's more "destructive tendencies":

The album title means going against the current. It's the negative of the values and morals and ethics that I stand against. I've seriously been wrestling with destructive tendencies in pop culture — cancel culture, social media, and tools which I feel are very dangerous weapons in the hands of people who are not competent to judge others. That's something which I find very destructive and disturbing — and extremely limiting coming from an artist's perspective. This is my middle finger to that. There's a song on the record called "Neo-Spartacvs." Spartacus was one of the most iconic rebels in history who went against the most powerful empire of all time. In the end, it's me screaming, "I Am Spartacus, and so are you!" I want to spark that flame of rebellion. If something seems wrong then stand up to it!

Before we get that track, though, "Ov My Herculean Exile" is the first to arrive from the album, complete with an accompanying video from director Zuzanna Plisz that you can view below.

Opvs Contra Natvram is now available for pre-order.

Opvs Contra Natvram:

1. Post-God Nirvana
2. Malaria Vvlgata
3. The Deathless Sun
4. Ov My Herculean Exile
5. Neo-Spartacvs
6. Disinheritance
7. Off to War!
8. Once Upon a Pale Horse
9. Thy Becoming Eternal
10. Versvs Christvs

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