Beefs 2010: Fucked Up's Jonah Falco and Ben Cook Record Sonic Youth Diss Track

Beefs 2010: Fucked Up's Jonah Falco and Ben Cook Record Sonic Youth Diss Track
If you're like us, you troll the Internet day in and day out looking for the latest petty beefs between artists. Whether they're about dudes hating on Radiohead or Wavves, it's always fun to see who the music industry's grumpiest artists are having it in for. Today, however, we arrive at one of the more unexpected beefs in a while: Fucked Up vs. Sonic Youth.

Not only are the two bands label-mates, but they both come from a pedigree of experimental punk. Nonetheless, the two groups seem to have a budding rivalry on the horizon.

The whole thing started when Sonic Youth were interviewed for's Soft Focus at My Bloody Valentine's All Tomorrow's Parties in December. The interview, which has yet to air, featured Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, who allegedly referred to Fucked Up as "dude core." In this case, that's meant as an insult.

Now, in a recent interview with Vice, photographer Ben Rayner said that Fucked Up's Jonah Falco and Ben Cook joined him in working on a zine and EP that lay some hurt on Sonic Youth. The collaboration is called Cranking to Sonic Youth and, in British parlance, Rayner says cranking refers to "when somebody is crying and wanking at the same time."

The phrase is also included in the lyrics to the unnamed band's song of the same name. According to Rayner, the lyrics go, "Cranking to Sonic Youth / Goo in your hand / Goo in your hand." There's even a song called "Nerds at ATP" with the chorus "Fuck off! / Nerds at ATP!"

Finally, Rayner alludes to a song about one of the bands at ATP so controversial that he can't even say what it's about. "Jonah and Ben are stressed about it. I honestly can't say or they'll kill me," Rayner says.

Hopefully these tracks will surface, and inspire a vitriolic response from Sonic Youth. If this unfolds, it could already be the best beef of the year.

The last time Fucked Up recorded a diss track, it was the amazing song "The Line," aimed at Billy Talent. In case you missed it, you can stream it here.

UPDATE: To prove no one is making this shit up, Vice has posted both "Cranking to Sonic Youth" and "Nerds at ATP" for your streaming pleasure right over here. Enjoy!