Axl Rose Issues Statement Regarding Bloody Airport Scuffle with Paparazzi

Axl Rose Issues Statement Regarding Bloody Airport Scuffle with Paparazzi
They're out to get him. Or, more likely, he's out to get himself. No stranger to controversy, Guns N' Roses front-man Axl Rose has made headlines again. And, uh, not for his band's comeback material, but for attacking a paparazzi dude in an airport.

In an incident that occurred at the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday night (December 9), Rose and a paparazzi photographer got into an altercation that resulted with "a few bloodied participants," according to Live Daily. Rose was on his way to Taiwan, boarding a plane to go meet his band there, which had already begun sound-checking without the presumably late Rose.

TMZ is now reporting that the photographer is saying Rose punched him in the head, and he had the photos to prove it. Here's how the incident went down.

Apparently, a woman accompanying Rose started scuffling with a few photographers when they were taking pictures of the two. Seeing this, Rose stepped in and started hitting the photographers. Axl's people dragged Rose away from it all and got him through security and on to the plane.

According to reports, no airport security or police got involved; LAX police told Rolling Stone they do not have any record of the event on file.

Yesterday (December 10), Rose issued a statement about the scuffle, which is available on the band's MySpace page. It reads as follows:

Axl Rose, lead singer for the legendary rock group Guns N' Roses, was unhurt last evening when he was accosted by an unruly group of paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

At the time of the incident, Mr. Rose was en-route to Taipei, Taiwan, to kick off Guns N' Roses' tour of Southeast Asia, including shows in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Mr. Rose, who was about to enter a security checkpoint at LAX when the altercation took place, was approached by a group of unchecked and unruly photographers who became aggressive with the singer and female members of the travelling group.

Mr. Rose was not injured during the unprovoked attack and was able to board his flight without further incident.

Of course, the band are out supporting 2008's Chinese Democracy.