!Attention! '!Attention!' (album stream)

!Attention! '!Attention!' (album stream)
Long-running Toronto pop-punk crew !Attention! have been teasing their self-titled album for a little while, giving us small tastes with "Writing Letters" and "Have I Taken My Meds Today?" Before they deliver the LP in full, they've gone ahead and let Exclaim! stream the whole thing.

The 15-song self-titled release is packed with crunchy pop-punk anthems that'll surely warrant multiple sing-alongs. Though it follows a lengthy hiatus from the band, they sound as sharp and focused as ever.

Speaking with Exclaim!, the band's Glenn Barrington explains that their long break happened organically. "Directly after we released our last 7-inch, Another Year, we hit the road super hard for a long while touring as much as we could handle mentally, physically, financially," he says. "As our lives evolved and changed over the years things just got harder to keep up the way we had been for as long as we did."

With that in mind, Barrington says the album their proudest accomplishment. "We've always loved playing music and always will," he adds. "We've all lived apart from each other for some time and our friendship and love of playing has been calling on us for a while now. This LP is the record we always wished we could have made, and it's the record we're the most proud of. When we posted the first single from the LP back in the winter the response completely blew us away."

Give !Attention! a stream in full below. The album is out now through My Finger My Brain, Tour Van Records, Coffee Doped Records and Struggletown Records.