!Attention! "Have I Taken My Meds Today?"

!Attention! 'Have I Taken My Meds Today?'
Toronto pop-punk crew !Attention! broke a lengthy hiatus in the best way possible, coming back better than ever with their new song "Writing Letters." It turns out it wasn't just a fluke, either, as the band have kept the quality control on lock with their new track "Have I Taken My Meds Today?"

The song is a mid-tempo banger built on a crunchy riff and some throat-shredding vocals. Though it's a fairly simple groove, this is the sort of addictive pop-punk sound that'll definitely have you moshing at your desk.

"Have I Taken My Meds Today?" will appear on !Attention!'s self-titled album, which is due on September 1 from My Finger My Brain, Tour Van Records, Coffee Doped Records and Struggletown Records. Until then, stream the single exclusively on Exclaim! below.