Atom TM and Robin Fox Hearn Generating Station, Toronto ON, June 20

Atom TM and Robin Fox Hearn Generating Station, Toronto ON, June 20
Photo: Ellie Pritts
Atom TM and Robin Fox, a tag team of veterans in their field, came together beautifully for their Double Visions show at Unsound. Atom's ultra-detailed IDM percussion fluttered and creaked at an insane rate, while Robin Fox's white droplet visuals constantly shimmered around the screen for the beginning of their set. Occasionally these visuals disappeared completely, leaving just high quality lasers atop the screen, which were surprisingly more impressive than the full screen of images below them.
Whether or not their set was improvised is unclear, but at one point it seemed like the duo were merely gathering their footing. This section didn't last long, however, and was abruptly interrupted by some slick drum patterns, as a giant image of Atom's face slowly began to materialize on the screen, repeating the words "Red, Green, Blue" in a manner that was reminiscent of some dystopian future, where brainwashing is commonplace. This was later accompanied by intense jittery laser flashes that made it appear as if their computer software was being hostilely taken over by an outside source.
Double Vision was an amazing audio-visual experience, perfectly showcasing both Atom's innovative musical skills and Robin Fox's uncanny ability to create some of the most impressive visuals out there, often only using three different coloured lasers.