Astral Swans "Beginning of the End" (video)

Astral Swans 'Beginning of the End' (video)
Minimalist Calgary songwriter Matthew Swann used to head up Extra Happy Ghost!!!, but next month he will release his debut album as Astral Swans. For now, he's rolled out a video for the track "Beginning of the End."

The song pairs bleak lyrics with a peppy acoustic rock bounce and dissonant, avant-garde lead work. The accompanying video, directed by Mike Peterson, similarly juxtaposes the sweet with the sinister, as we see a gang of cute kids turning a house into their very own Lord of the Flies island as they fight, destroy household objects and make a hell of a mess. Eventually, we learn where the grown-up homeowner has been the whole time, and it's a not a pleasant discovery.

Watch it below [via Popmatters]. The album All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson will be out on February 24. It's the first full-length on Dan Mangan's new Arts & Crafts imprint, Madic Records.