Artist of the Year Cut Disco

French is not a language made to be goofy, as anyone who has studied it can attest. We love it all the same, but sometimes a little weirdo humour is needed, and Artist of the Year step up to the plate and deliver the goods, in both official languages no less. And they cuss up a blue streak too, but not before getting a little funky. Sounding like a cross between MUTEK and Just For Laughs Gags gone wrong, this is a glitchy take on white-boy soul from the Montreal suburbs. At times it sounds like the disco-click album that De La Soul never made — which is a good thing. With song titles like "Who Do You Skrew” and "Let Me Smell Your Mum,” you’re not going to see them playing stadium tours any time soon, but maybe that’s for the best. Put this one on to scare the musically tame away from your block party. (Independent)