Armand Hammer Announce New Album 'We Buy Diabetic Test Strips'

It features Junglepussy, Moor Mother, Pink Siifu and Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan

Photo: Jean-Michel Lacombe

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 25, 2023

As promised, rap duo Armand Hammer (a.k.a. billy woods and ELUCID) have announced a new album. We Buy Diabetic Test Strips is out September 29 via Fat Possum.

Fans on Reddit tracked down the details after Armand Hammer teased the album with phone numbers, postcards and cryptic flyers. Pitchfork has confirmed the release with the band's representatives. 

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips features guest appearances from Moor Mother, Junglepussy, Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan (as Moneynicca), Pink Siifu, Cavalier and Curly Castro.

Earlier this summer, billy woods appeared on KEXP, promoting his album Maps with Kenny Segal. At that time, he revealed that Armand Hammer's new album was almost done. Segal said at the time, "Let me just say — it's about to knock Maps off the album-of-the-year list. It's really, really good. And I'm not even talking about my track. I'm talking about the whole album; [it] is ridiculous."

The album's tracklist is below. Further information is still forthcoming.

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips:

1. Landlines
2. Woke Up & Asked Siri How I'm Gonna Die
3. The Flexible Unreliability of Time and Memory
4. When It Doesn't Start with a Kiss
5. I Keep a Mirror in My Pocket (feat. Cavalier)
6. Trauma Mic (feat. Pink Siifu)
7. Niggardly (Blocked Call)
8. The Gods Must Be Crazy
9. Y'all Can't Stand Right Here (feat. Junglepussy, Moneynicca)
10. Total Recall
11. Empire BLVD (feat. Junglepussy, Curly Castro)
12. Don't Lose Your Job (feat. Pink Siifu, Moore Mother)
13. Supermooned
14. Switchboard
15. The Key Is Under the Mat

Pre-order We Buy Diabetic Test Strips.

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