Alpha Yaya Diallo Djama

Fresh from winning a Juno alongside the African Guitar Summit, Diallo releases his fifth album Djama, a poignant collection of meditative music and reflective commentaries on the African world. Mesmerising guitar work and soulful African vocals and rhythms have always been a staple on Diallo’s albums. On Djama, Diallo dives even deeper into his roots and produces a borderless interpretation of African music that reflects the many distinct styles Diallo calls his own. On "Politik,” Diallo expresses his personal anguish against the misery and emptiness of war. "Bandenmalu,” is a call to the people of Africa and the world to look at history before we are doomed to repeat it. Showing off his flexibility as a composer, Diallo includes four instrumental tracks — each one showcasing a distinct style. From the guitar style of the Griots to the melodies of Cape Verde and contemporary Malian blues, as well as his own rich musical style taken from his nomadic childhood, Diallo creates his own tapestry of African music. Alpha Yaya Diallo represents something more in Canada’s rich but sometimes rigid music scene, with Djama; he shows that his music and the music of his contemporaries is a sign that Canada has always been a sanctuary for the world’s strongest musicians and in turn could be a capital in the World music market. (Jericho Beach)