Alice Glass Speaks Out on Ethan Kath's Crystal Castles Defamation Suit

"I refuse to be intimidated by him"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Feb 19, 2018

With a defamation suit looming, former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass has spoken out about the legal action being taken against her by former bandmate Ethan Kath.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Glass (born Margaret Osborn) gave her first interview since accusing Kath (born Claudio Palmieri) of rape and years of abuse. These claims were first published in October 2017, with Kath quickly denying Glass's allegations and calling them "pure fiction." The band did soon, however, cancel a tour of North America worth more than $300,000 USD and eventually filed a defamation suit against Glass.

In her first interview published since the statement, Glass told The Daily Beast she is confident the case will be rejected, saying she believes the lawsuit was intended to "make my life harder for the next however many months."

She added the suit is meant to intimidate other alleged victims who "probably don't have access to a lawyer and so they'd be too scared to speak out if they think they'll be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Glass added, "I refuse to be intimidated by him."

As previously reported, Toronto police are actively investigating multiple sex crimes against Kath, including one against a minor. The Daily Beast article goes on to include multiple interviews with women who speak out against Kath.

Elaborating on her claims against Kath, Glass said, "I didn't have anyone to talk about this stuff with. I had a crew of people that he approved to be there. He's not going to let anyone go on the road with us that hadn't been approved by him and they had to be fine with turning a blind eye to the way he'd treat me. Or if they stood up for me or showed any concern he would target them in some weird way. I never really understood what was going on but any crew member who wasn't under his thumb wouldn't stick around for very long. So I pretty much felt like no one cared about the things he was doing to me. It normalized it for me."

You can read the full article here.

As of press time, no charges have been laid against Kath and no allegations have been proven in court.

As previously reported, a Los Angles Superior Court is set to determine whether the defamation suit will proceed on February 23. Kath is seeking unspecified general, special and punitive damages.

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