Alan Vega "DTM" (video)

Alan Vega 'DTM' (video)
This Friday (July 14) sees the release of late Suicide hero Alan Vega's IT, but before it arrives, we're getting treated to a new set of visuals in support of the album.

The video is for album track "DTM," and as you'll witness, the clip f eatures previously unreleased performance footage of Vega from the late '70s and '80s provided by both Ric Ocasek (the Cars) and filmmaker Marc Hurtado. This includes onstage footage captured at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles and New York City's Limelight club.

The video also features shots of Vega's own artwork, all of which helps symbolize the themes in the lyrics for "DTM" and throughout IT, according to a press release.

"He always said the turning point for him as an artist was seeing Iggy Pop perform," Liz Lamere, Vega's wife and musical collaborator, said in a statement. "Initially Alan's main focus was visual art, but he knew in order to push himself as an artist, he needed to do the one thing that he never thought he would ever do...become a singer and performer."

You can watch the video play out for yourself below.

As previously reported, IT arrives July 14 via the FADER Label.

Vega passed away at 78 back in 2016.