Aïsha Devi DNA Feelings

Aïsha Devi DNA Feelings
Electronic music aimed at mainstream club culture is just as bad as any other kind of mass-appeal pop music. Its rules are every bit as restrictive and creatively stifling. Artists like Aïsha Devi — out to redefine what club music can (and arguably should) sound like — have an important role to play in pushing the music forward. To that end, the Nepalese-Tibetan artist co-founded a label called Danse Noir in support of the alt-club scene in 2013.
Her own work comes to us on Houndstooth. This second album, following 2015's Of Matter And Spirit, is an abstract mix of largely non-beat-oriented electronics and throat singing-inspired vocals. It is that rare thing in electronic music — unique.
Devi is blessed with a strong, clear-as-a-bell voice that makes any track she chooses to apply it to special. Not content to let it stand on its own, she applies various effects to her vocals that complement the music nicely.
DNA Feelings is unlikely to show up in any club sets. It is far too complex and unconventional. This is late-night, "visions of alchemy" stuff, as Devi intones on "Time." The album won't find a large audience, but those prepared to think more broadly about electronic music will find a lot to get excited about here. (Houndstooth)