A Fake Limp Bizkit Concert at an Ohio Gas Station Is Wreaking Havoc Online

A Fake Limp Bizkit Concert at an Ohio Gas Station Is Wreaking Havoc Online
Alongside Smash Mouth and 311, early 2000s rap-rock act Limp Bizkit comprise the third element of the holy trinity of hilarious bands. Today, on 4/20 of all days, the internet has blessed us with the most wonderful Limp Bizkit joke of all — a potential nü metal concert in the parking lot of a gas station in Dayton, OH.

Last night, rumours began circulating that Fred Durst and his dawgs would be celebrating the dankest of all days with a concert in the parking lot of a Sunoco gas station in Dayton.

Since then, the news has spread like wildfire, with diehard Biz fans panicking about how they can get to Dayton in time to pump some gas and listen to the best tracks from Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.

Gawker caught up with Brian Baker, the 28-year-old Ohio jokester who started the rumour of the show. When he made a Facebook event, he initially dated it for April 20, 2017, but the internet quickly decided it was happening tonight instead.

"I made this event for the holy day 4/20/17 and I know Wes, Fred, and the Bizkit will come," Baker said. "The people decided they want Bizkit tonight I guess. We all in together now. Just rollin."

Baker's little white lie has turned into a massive problem for the employees of the Sunoco in question. According to The News Wheel, the gas station was forced to unplug their phone as there were too many potential attendees calling them to ask for tickets.

Further, a number of Craigslist ads have appeared offering tickets. One of them offered $50 VIP passes if you went to the Sunoco and purchased a Mountain Dew, two Slim Jims, a quart of 10w-30 oil and two strawberry flavoured Black and Milds.

The concert has Dayton residents worried that disappointed Biz fans wind up wanting to break stuff when the concert doesn't go through as planned.

As a result, there have been numerous local news reports warning against the concert, as well as a handful of warnings from the police.

Enjoy the mayhem below, and see you at the Limp Bizkit show tonight!

UPDATE (4/21, 11:15 a.m.): According to the Guardian, 100 people showed up at the Sunoco in the hopes of a Limp Bizkit concert last night. The police were forced to intervene and clear the area.