Will Arnett Adapting CBC Sitcom 'Mr. D' for CBS

Will Arnett Adapting CBC Sitcom 'Mr. D' for CBS
Further proving that the brain drain is a very real thing, CBC sitcom Mr. D is now being remade by CBS in the United States.

Speaking with Postmedia, show creator Gerry Dee said that he signed the deal with CBS this week. Though he's not exactly clear on his involvement with the new show, he said he'll retain a role as executive producer.

The deal, it turns out, was set up through Will Arnett. "The evolution of it is I have a friend who said, 'I'm good buddies with Will Arnett. I used to go to high school with him. I should set you two guys up,'" Dee recalls. "I've heard that, like 50 times in my life, 'I know so-and-so.' So I'm like, 'Sure, Scott. Go ahead.'"

The setup was incredibly fruitful, however. "I get an email from Will Arnett, like, four hours later. 'Dude watched your show, watched your clips, we love it, let's talk.' I went to LA. We pitched. We're working with CBS Studios."

Dee explained that the show doesn't even have a pilot script just yet, but he's working hard on setting the show up in the United States.

He's also got help from someone who's used to translating comedy to a different country. "I have the same agent as Ricky Gervais down there who did that deal for The Office," he said. "I'm not Ricky Gervais, I get that. But at the same time I don't know of a Canadian sitcom that's ever done this before."

Season 5 of the Canadian Mr. D wrapped production in September. It's unclear if an American version would affect the future of the show, though a sixth season is rumoured to be produced as well.