Tom Hanks and Wilson the Volleyball Reunite to Throw Out First Pitch

The 'Castaway' costars appeared at the Cleveland Guardians game

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 18, 2022

Perhaps even more than Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks's most iconic onscreen partner is Wilson, the blood-stained volleyball from 2000's Castaway. More than two decades later, Hanks and Wilson reunited when Hanks threw out the first pitch at the Cleveland Guardians' MLB game.

When Hanks came out on the field on Friday (March 15), he brought a volleyball with Wilson's iconic face/handprint. He didn't actually use the volleyball for the first pitch — he used a normal baseball — although the joke turned into a piece of sketch comedy when the volleyball began rolling around the pitching mound. At first, it appeared that the ball was simply rolling off the mound due to gravity and/or wind, but then it became clear it was remote-controlled, as the ball sped around the infield and Hanks directed it back to position.

Hanks threw the pitch to Larry Doby Jr. — the son of Larry Doby, the second Black player in the major leagues.

Watch Wilson and Hanks reunite below.

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