They're Making Season 2 of 'Tiger King' but Carole Baskin Refuses to Participate

They're Making Season 2 of 'Tiger King' but Carole Baskin Refuses to Participate
Last year, Netflix's Tiger King unfortunately captured the zeitgeist with its larger-than-life lunacy. And while the doc ended with anti-hero Joe Exotic behind bars, the creative team behind the show is still apparently working toward a Season 2. News of this project was leaked by none other than Carole Baskin.

In a new interview with Radio Times, Baskin said that directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin had reached out to make amends, but she will not be participating in any more versions of the show.

"It was just a few weeks ago that Rebecca Chaiklin had reached out asking if we could clear the air," she recalled. "I have been speaking about how we had been so misled into thinking this was going to be the Blackfish for big cats and then it turned out to be the freak show that they produced.

"So when she said she wanted to clear the air, I felt like, you know, that's just absolutely ridiculous. It was so obvious that I had been betrayed by them. Why would she ever think that I would be willing to speak to them again. And so I told her to just lose my number."

Apparently Chaiklin went on to contact Carole's current husband Howard Baskin. "He said if you guys want to redeem yourselves for all of the horrible things that you made people believe about us that just weren't true, then your season two will show that but we don't want any part of it," Carole continued.

Yet another complex character in the documentary, Carole Baskin was painted as a villain by those who had questions about her missing husband. She's since gone on Dancing with the Stars and booked her own show, but don't expect to see her in Tiger King Season 2.

Joe Exotic, meanwhile, claimed he was "too gay" to be pardoned after Donald Trump did not sign off for his release before stepping down as president.