See Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin in the Trailer for 'Joe vs. Carole'

With John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 3, 2022

Peacock has shared the first official trailer for their new scripted series Joe vs. Carole. Based on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger King, the show stars Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin and John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic and claims to tell the story behind the duo's beef that Tiger King left on the cutting room floor. 

The series centres on Baskin, who, along with her husband Howard — played by Kyle Maclachlan — tries to have Exotic's business shut down after catching wind of his shady practices (all of which we already know, calling into the question the actual point of this series).

It's hard to know exactly what to expect from the trailer, as it just looks like a scripted, wig-adorned remake of Tiger King? Which it kind of is? But also isn't? You'll have to tune in yourself to find out.  

The series also stars Brian Van Holt, Sam Keeley, Nat Wolff, Marlo Kelly, William Fichtner, Dean Winters and David Wenham.

See the trailer for Joe vs. Carole below. 

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