'The Simpsons' Predicted Richard Branson's Spaceflight

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jul 15, 2021

Yet again, The Simpsons has predicted the future. This time, the series is credited with foretelling billionaire Virgin Group's head honcho Richard Branson's spacewalk, which launched on Sunday (July 11).

In the Season 25, Episode 15 episode called "The War of Art" from 2014, Branson appears in a spacecraft eerily similar to the one he rode into Earth's stratosphere over the weekend.

A synopsis for the Simpsons episode reads: "Marge and Homer get a bargain on a painting at the Van Houten's yard sale, and later learn that it is a masterpiece worth $100,000, so they wrestle with splitting the money with their neighbours or keeping it all."

During the episode, an art forger tells Lisa that his "forgeries give pleasure to people all over the world," and the scene cuts to an image of Branson floating in space while looking at an abstract painting.

The episode is one of four appearances by Branson on the long-running series.

Branson founded his spaceflight company Virgin Galactic in 2004, meaning The Simpsons did have a bit of a heads-up on this particular instance of clairvoyance.

However, the show has a long-running history of predicting everything from the Disney-Fox merger to the end of Game of Thrones to Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show, murder hornets and the coronavirus pandemic, and more recently, the controversy surrounding Ontario finance minister Rob Phillips and Kamala Harris' inauguration outfit.

See the latest prediction side-by-side below. 

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