​'Riverdale' Is Doing a Musical Episode Based on 'Carrie'

​'Riverdale' Is Doing a Musical Episode Based on 'Carrie'
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Riverdale is no stranger to teen melodrama, but things are about to get turned up a notch further for an upcoming musical episode.
The kids of Riverdale High are set to deliver a musical rendition of Stephen King's famous teen horror tale Carrie for an episode titled "A Night to Remember."
Series stars Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica have all been cast in the onscreen production, but its Cheryl Blossom that will be taking on the title role of Carrie.
Other series regulars like Reggie, Josie, Ethel and Moose have also been cast in the in-show production.
Naturally, the musical will be directed by Kevin Keller.
Casey Cott (who portrays Keller on the show) shared the full cast list via Twitter.

The Carrie-inspired musical episode "A Night to Remember" is scheduled to air on April 18 on CW.