​'Gilmore Girls' Fan Fest Is Coming to Unionville This Fall

And Luke Danes, Miss Patty and Mrs. Kim will be there
​'Gilmore Girls' Fan Fest Is Coming to Unionville This Fall
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is coming to the GTA this fall, and it will see Unionville serve as the meeting grounds for Rory and Lorelai's biggest fans.
The event will be taking place from October 4 to 6, and during that time, Main Street in Unionville (just 32 kilometres east of Toronto) will be crawling with wannabe Stars Hollow residents.

It's not the show's first trip to Main Street either — the Gilmore Girls pilot episode was actually filmed in Unionville.
In addition to getting to wander the small-town streets of the original Stars Hollow, 13 members of the show's cast will also be attending the Fan Fest this year for fans to see.
Scott Patterson (a.k.a. surly diner owner Luke Danes) will be in attendance, as will town troubadour Grant Lee Philips and Miss Patty actress Liz Torres.
Aris Alvarado (Caesar), George Bell (Professor Bell), John Cabrera (Brian), Shelly Cole (Madeline), Olivia Hack (Tana Shrick), Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) and writers, producers and costume designers will also be attending the Unionville event.
There will also be plenty of activities, tastings, panels, contests and even a run throughout the three-day event.
Another Gilmore Girls Fan Fest will run in Kent, CT, from September 27 to 29. Find full information and tickets for both fan fests here.
Gilmore Girls originally ran from 2000 to 2007, and was rebooted in 2016 on Netflix. There's even a chance another season could be on the way.