David Cronenberg Envisions His Own Death in New Short Film

'The Death of David Cronenberg' was created in collaboration with the Canadian filmmaker's daughter, Caitlin Cronenberg

Photo via David Cronenberg/SuperRare

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 20, 2021

While David Cronenberg works on his latest feature, Crimes of the Future, the Canadian filmmaker has also taken the time to star in a new short film — shot in collaboration with his daughter Caitlin Cronenberg — which fictionalizes his own death.

Aptly titled The Death of David Cronenberg, the one-minute short was shot and produced by Caitlin, and finds her 78-year-old father discovering his own dead body.

A synopsis for the film reads:

The Death of David Cronenberg features the subject standing in a small, softly lit room. He wears a robe and looks deeply into the camera before his gaze shifts to a motionless figure in a bed. The film, a collaboration with Cronenberg's daughter Caitlin, who shot and produced the film, explores mortality, surrealism, and the metamorphosis of life and death.

The short is being auctioned off by Caitlin as an NFT via SuperRare, which has also hosted a teaser clip for the film. Watch that here.

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