Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer

Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer
Rom-com fanatics, rejoice — Bridget Jones is back. The Renée Zellweger character will soon return in a new sequel that is sadly neither called Bridget of Spies nor A Bridget Too Far.

Instead, the movie is called Bridget Jones's Baby and, as its title very clearly suggests, it's about Bridget Jones having a baby.

The trailer for the flick contains plenty of PG-13 humour and a mix of fake and real British accents as Jones must determine whether her child's father is Colin Firth or Patrick Dempsey. Hell, there's even a guest spot from Ed Sheeran.

Look, as cool as we all pretend to be, we all know we're probably going to end up watching this corny ass movie one day. Let's just rip off the bandaid and watch the trailer for Bridget Jones's Baby together.

Bridget Jones's Baby kicks off Oscar season with a September 16 release date.