Lubalin Shares Horse Girl Edition of "Internet Drama" Series

"You can't be calling me a 'lair' when I have the damn papers in this bitch"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 11, 2021

Lubalin has returned with the fifth instalment in his "Internet Drama" comedy series — and this time the Montreal producer is taking on some hilarious horse girl drama. 

After releasing his new single "long txts" and performing "Internet Drama Part 4" on Fallon with Alison Brie, Lubalin has returned to the DIY virtual world to give us the story of a 15,000-pound horse that goes around breaking toes. 

"They shoulda never let this boy get a green screen," Lubalin wrote of the equine-themed video. 

The newest instalment comes after his wildly successful "Part 1," "Part 2," and the dairy-themed "Part 3," which all gained heavy internet traction, earning the producer close to three million followers on his TikTok profile alone.

Along with his ongoing comedy series and "long txts," Lubalin also released his self-titled EP last fall. Check that out here and watch "Internet Drama Part 5" below.

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