The "Internet Drama" Guy from TikTok Just Released a New Single

Hear "long txts" from Montreal artist Lubalin

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 12, 2021

Montreal artist Lubalin went massively viral at the end of 2020 by turning internet fights into TikTok bangers. For those wanting to hear what his actual music sounds like, he just released a new song called "long txts."

With a mix of hip-hop flow, R&B crooning and synth-based production, "long txts" sounds a bit like a more straight-laced version of those famous TikTok videos.

In a statement, Lubalin said this about the song's inspiration: "I'm on a Greyhound bus, travelling from the city I was born in back to the city I live in. Across the aisle, I can see the glow of another passenger's screen. I can't tell what they're writing, but I can see that they're sending long txts and getting long txts back. I just thought, 'That's a vibe.'"

Listen to "long txts" below [via Cult Nation/The Orchard], and be sure to check out Lubalin's "Internet Drama" videos if you haven't already.

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