This Guy Is Turning Random Internet Fights into Absolute Bangers

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 29, 2020

After spending the better part of the year indoors with not much beyond our screens to entertain us, 2020 has turned into the year to end all others when it comes to internet fights. One artist has recognized the inherent entertainment value in Facebook drama, and has taken to turning belligerent flame wars into stellar new music.

Montreal-based producer and vocalist Lubalin has gained a massive following online this month after posting his first entry in what seems to be the early days of an ongoing comedy series chronicling boomer fights through music, starting with "Internet Drama Pt. 1," and following up earlier today with "Pt. 2."

The artist only has the two videos in the series so far, but it appears he plans on doing more. As he frames his newfound success: "Remember 7 days ago when I had 400 followers?" We're hoping he keeps it going for many more instalments.

See his most recent posts below, where you can also stream his self-titled EP, which was released back in September. 

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