Lubalin's "Internet Drama Part 3" Is Finally Here

"I just need butter"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jan 18, 2021

Montreal producer and viral meme sensation Lubalin has shared the much anticipated third instalment in his "Internet Drama" series.

After releasing his new single "long txts" last week, the artist has turned his attention back to OldPeopleFacebook-style posts to inspire another banger — and this time, it's butter themed. "Fun fact: that's not snow — it's actually raining butter," Lubalin wrote in his latest post.

The newest instalment comes after his wildly successful "Part 1" and "Part 2," which gained heavy internet traction, earning the singer two million followers on his TikTok profile alone. As for his newfound success online, the artist is eager to keep making new chapters in the series, though with all eyes on his channels, he's feeling the heat.

"I thought the pressure would be off if I did it again," he told BuzzfeedNews following the release of his second instalment, "but I honestly feel more pressure now for the next one."

Along with his ongoing comedy series and "long txts," Lubalin also released his self-titled EP last fall. Check that out here and watch "Internet Drama Part 3" below.

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