​Jonny Greenwood Wants Bill Hader to Play Him in a Radiohead Movie

​Jonny Greenwood Wants Bill Hader to Play Him in a Radiohead Movie
If a Radiohead biopic ever happens, Jonny Greenwood already knows who he would want to portray his character — Bill Hader.
Speaking to NME, the Radiohead guitariest and film score composer admitted that a Radiohead movie is highly unlikely but played along when asked who should be cast as him.
"Who's that guy from Saturday Night Live who's slightly unusual-looking?" Greenwood said. "He made that comedy recently about that hitman who ends up becoming an actor."
He's referring, of course, to SNL alumnus and Barry star Bill Hader.
Greenwood didn't comment on who might play frontman Thom Yorke, though he did suggest Stephen Merchant might be a good fit for guitarist Ed O'Brien.
It's a hilarious prospect for a film, but Radiohead fans shouldn't get their hopes up too high. Greenwood pretty firmly shut down the idea that his band would make for good film fodder.
"Well, you're experiencing in real-time how awkward and unengaging I am, so it would just be awful. It would be gruesome," he said. "When we started, we were obsessed with recording ourselves and listening to ourselves. We weren't that interested in spreading it beyond that. We were a very inward-looking group."
By the sounds of it, the band's involvement with film will continue being behind-the-scenes. Greenwood, Yorke and drummer Phil Selway have all scored films in recent years; notably, Phantom Thread, Suspiria and Let Me Go, respectively.