Jon Stewart Blasts Billionaire Space Race in 'The Problem with Jon Stewart' Teaser

Jason Alexander plays Jeff Bezos alongside Adam Pally as Elon Musk and a mop standing in for Richard Branson

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jul 21, 2021

The billionaire dick-measuring space contest has finally got the dramatization we all needed, all thanks to Jon Stewart, naturally.

In a skit titled "Cum Dog Billionaires" — teasing his new series The Problem with Jon Stewart — the comedian has enlisted Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander to play Jeff Bezos in the Amazon figurehead's controversial trip to the stratosphere. Of course, it pokes fun at the billionaire's dong-shaped spacecraft, which went into orbit yesterday (July 20).

"I'm going to ride a rocket into space, and it's going to look just like my dick," Alexander says in the clip.

The Dr. Evil-looking actor is accompanied by Adam Pally playing Elon Musk, a mop standing in for Richard Branson and "a stray cat" as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Tracy Morgan also stars as the "diverse friend who would never actually hang out with Jeff Bezos in real life."

The space race dramatization brilliantly credits "American Taxpayers" as executive producers for the project, and sees the four billionaires square off from their dick ships, shooting cartoonish lasers at each other.

The Problem with Jon Stewart is due to arrive this September on Apple TV+. Until then, you can preview the series with the teaser below.

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