People Are Comparing Jeff Bezos' Dong-Shaped Spaceship to That Scene from 'Austin Powers'

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 17, 2021

It's official: Jeff Bezos is going to space. And while some do-gooders are petitioning to deny the Amazon billionaire re-entry following his spaceflight next month, others are dunking on the Dr. Evil lookalike for his penis-shaped spacecraft and drawing comparisons to that one scene in Austin Powers.

Bringing to mind the dick joke sequence in the 1999 sequel to the original Mike Myers film, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, people on Twitter are giggling their way through news of Bezos' phallic Blue Origin rocket — which is due to launch its first passenger flight on July 20 — because of its likeness to human genitals.

As it appears, Bezos wasn't satisfied with being compared to the franchise's bald villain based on his looks alone — he's going to live out the dick ship portion of his Dr. Evil fantasy as well. 

Revisit some of the classic '90s dick jokes from the movie and compare the ships for yourself:


"So glad to see Austin Powers' cultural influence in the Jeff Bezos spacemobile," one user wrote in response to the Blue Origin's eggplant silhouette.

"Why does Blue Origin look like the giant penis rocket in Austin Powers," wrote another. "Jeff Bezos has watched that film [too] many times."

In addition to Twitter clowning the Amazon boss for his weiner ship, these Australian morning show hosts seem to agree: the Blue Origin is definitely a dong.

See Twitter's reactions to the phallic Blue Origin below.

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