Gina Yashere Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, December 4

Gina Yashere Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, December 4
Gina Yashere killed with her polished hour enhanced by her enthusiastic energy. Along with her three openers, the British star was delightful at her headlining show at the Dark Comedy Festival.
Rell Battle opened with a superb joke about how Netflix makes us so lazy that society would still be segregated if it had been invented in the 1950s, and recounted getting beat up by a man that folded his sweater perfectly before fighting him. Danish Anwar then delivered some intelligent political comedy about how white people need to adapt to the fact that they are no longer the majority. He also comically explained how implicit biases affect our perceptions, and found humour in the fact that birth control pills change women's taste in men. Mark James Heath finished off the consistently lovely opening sets by comparing of the shame of his older daughter constantly wetting herself to being too promiscuous in high school, and told us about how his younger daughter could easily become a super villain. Though he went over his allotted time, it was still a really funny set.
Gina Yashere's performance was extroverted and animatedly funny. She acted out her unflattering snoring and the awful noises of her sleep apnea machine with unfaltering, focused commitment, as well as the horrible noises of phlegm and spit she witnessed on her trip to China. Yashere also told two great stories about being mugged, recounted the time she was forced to bribe airport security to get on her flight back home from Nigeria, and told a hilarious narrative about having diarrhoea in a country with a format of toilet that she'd never used before.
Contrastingly, Yashere had some subtler but equally funny moments. She gutsily told an anecdote about how someone once bizarrely confused her with Chris Tucker and asked her to sign a copy of Die Hard, and talked about how she is exempt from racism in North America because of her British accent.
Additionally, she spoke openly about her OCD rituals she does every time she stays in a hotel room on the road, which include sleeping on a blow-up mattress and covering the television remote in a shower cap. Moreover, Yashere hilariously exposed how ridiculous it is that Subway measures their food in distances, and hysterically contextualized how unbelievably overpriced the American healthcare system is by comparing the price of a limousine to the price of an ambulance.
Yashere left the crowd literally asking for more as she ended her hour. Her set was an incredible force that undoubtedly brought down the house.