Bruce McCulloch and Arkells' Max Kerman Have Co-Produced a Sketch Comedy Show

Kerman also wrote the theme song for 'The Dessert,' coming to Crave on July 7

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 19, 2023

It's time to play CanCon MadLibs! What if Kids in the Hall's Bruce McCulloch teamed up with... Max Kerman of Arkells to... film a Tim Hortons commercial produce a sketch comedy show? Stranger things have definitely happened, and now The Dessert is set to premiere on Crave on July 7.

Starring Jillian Smart, Isabella Campbell and Shane Cunningham, a new TV series — co-produced by McCulloch, Kerman and Arkells' right-hand, Ashley Poitevin — will join the streaming service's sketch comedy lineup next month. Cunningham is also a co-creator of The Dessert, and is one of the hosts of the The Best Hang podcast with Kerman.
Heralded as bringing forth the next generation of Canadian comedy, little else is known about the show thus far. Bell Media press materials describe it as "an all-out, boundary-pushing expedition to the edge of decency," so that's fun!

You can watch a teaser trailer for The Dessert here.

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